Interiors - The Rustic Way


Interiors of your home.

The Rustic Way / Dan Pauly, enjoys sitting down with you as individually and his client to create your custom piece of furniture, table, cabinetry, interior doors sliding or opening let to right. Keeping in mind your custom outlook can be a façade, using all modern mechanics for this if you wish, or The Rustic Way can create the true old world functions also using repurposed tin .

With this being said whatever is your desire really can be accomplished. Using reclaim wood is an art and may take time to filter through the wood to make sure it flows with the project. 

The Rustic Way working with you in a custom design in cabinetry, coffee tables, couch tables, end tables, hutches, benches, entry way cubby’sor what your vision maybe, can bring your thoughts to reality.

Sometimes searching for that right corner cabinet or just the right entertainment center with all the components is really hard to find please do not hesitate to contact The Rustic Way / Dan Pauly to make your project just what you are looking for, sizes, heights, finished look.

The Rustic Way and Dan Pauly thrives on creating custom pieces for you….Just a phone call away