Thank you for your interest in The Rustic Way. Each Fairy tale structure is a unique masterpiece made from reclaimed wood from barns and other buildings over 100 years old using old-world techniques handed down from four generations of woodworking artisans. With meticulous attention to detail, each structure is custom made to suit individual needs and make your vision a reality. The Rustic Way has been in business for 21 + years. The original building was built 28 years ago as a Sauna and still is being used.
We like to learn more about what buildings you are interested in and how you plan to use them. Understanding your Vision will help us respond to your request more accurately. Dan is the type of person who likes to talk with each customer whether it be via phone or stopping out at the shop to explain the building (much more personal). Buildings may be on a 1 to 1 ½ year waiting list, emailing is very time consuming and not very helpful for these custom built buildings.

Below is information about the standard and available feature options. Please review the options and let us know what you prefer, along with how you envision using the structure. The most efficient way to get detail and pricing information on how you would like to use the building is to contact via phone. 
Standard Features:
⦁    Signature long, slanted roof
⦁    Crooked Chimney
⦁    Charming front window built-in flower box
⦁    Functional front and rear window
⦁    Functional front door (one piece)
⦁    Arrives as a complete unit owner assisting for some assembly (chimney, flower box, etc.) maintaining integrity during shipping.
⦁    Meticulous precision and attention to detail from top to bottom
⦁    Cedar Shake roof
⦁    Built to withstand the elements (once again) and last a life time
Available Features
⦁    Styles of Building include Sauna’s, Guest Cottages, Garden Sheds, Playhouses, Bathrooms
⦁    Available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ models
⦁    Customizing finished interiors
⦁    Ceiling choice of reclaimed wood or plaster
⦁    Wired for electricity (30 amp service)
⦁    Flooring tile, reclaim wood
⦁    Insulated
⦁    Plumbed for water
You’re Use
⦁    Tell us about other features you may be thinking about
⦁    Tell us how you plan to use the structure and where it will be located
⦁    We are here to learn/understand your vision for the building(s)

⦁    Is FOB Elk River MN
⦁    We use a transportation company that is dedicated to shipping our building
⦁    A Rustic Way participant will accompany shipping, setting of building and installation of chimney, flower box and other parts in which are not able to leave assembled during transportation.
⦁    FOB Elk River, MN we work a shipping company that is familiar in transporting our buildings.
⦁    Approximant Buildings weight:
⦁    Small 2,800 lbs
⦁    Large 6,000 lbs