Guest Cottages - The Rustic Way


Guest Cottages:

The Rustic Way custom finishes the interiors of the Guest Cottages for each customer’s use, using reclaim wood, there is a lot of choices. It is kind of like building a house, lengths and widths of boards you are looking for, do you want it insulated, wired for electricity, heater, what kind of flooring, screens for windows etc.

The Rustic Way uses reclaimed wood... it is not a product stocked at the big box stores or local lumber yards, it is actual reclaimed wood from old structures such as warehouses, barns, granaries, and school houses.

The Rustic Way will work with the customer’s budget to make their dream a reality.  

What really sets The Rustic Way apart is there are no short cuts taken as true Artisan. A phone conversation with Dan at The Rustic Way will get you an estimate on your Guest Cottage…so give Dan a call and go over a few details no pressure.